RESET Day 1- It Starts with WATER

It Starts with Water...

Welcome to Day 1 of your Reset!

We are SUPER excited to be a part of the next 10 days with you.  Our first pillar:  HYDRATE! Today’s RESET goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water (if you weigh 150 lbs = drink 75 ounces of water daily). This can be more difficult in the Winter time when you're indoors and not staying as active, so keep a refillable water bottle close! If plain water isn't your jam, try adding sliced lemon, lime, oranges, cucumbers, or even berries to change it up!

One of our favorite health hacks is to keep a glass of water by the bed and make that the first thing you drink when you wakeup. After 8+ hours of no water, it's the perfect way to get a boost of hydration in, kickstart your metabolism, form healthy habits, and get on track to reach your goal. Carry this habit with you throughout the rest of the 10 day challenge!


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