Tosi SuperBites are made from simple, organic ingredients; packed with plant protein; low in sugar; and crunchy and delicious. We know life can be complex. That’s why we are passionate about making healthy snacking simple. Try some today!

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Say it isn’t so! We’d appreciate your help in getting your store stocked with Tosi SuperBites! Feel free to ask your store’s nutrition or snack bar team member to order Tosi SuperBites! If you need your Tosi fix before Tosi SuperBites shows up on the shelves, you can order them right here or on Amazon. 

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Granola bars are typically made with oats, which may contain gluten. Tosi SuperBites are gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free nuts & seeds bars.

Tosi SuperBites can (& should!) be eaten anytime of day whenever you want a satisfying snack. With just around 140 calories and 6 grams of plant powered protein per bar or serving, Tosi SuperBites are great for a mid-morning, mid-afternoon, pre or post work-out snack.

Tosi SuperBites are available in 2 sizes: Snack Size (1oz) and Meal Size (2.4 oz). Tosi SuperBites 2.4oz are scored into 5 bite-size pieces for perfectly portioned snacking anytime of day. Tosi SuperBites 1.0oz are a simply satisfying snack healthy snack between meals, pairs great with workouts, pre or post.

All of Tosi SuperBites have 6 grams or less sugar per serving.

Yes! All of Tosi SuperBites are certified organic and Project Non-GMO Verified.

They sure are! The best things in life are gluten-free. Happy snacking!

Yes, you can purchase our line of clean, nutrient-dense supplements here. Enjoy!

We love that you love Tosi! Please reach out to info@tosi.com to inquire about any job openings. Happy Snacking!