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Frequently Asked

What is Tosi?

The simple answer is that Tosi is a health, wellness and weight management program that is affordable, simple to use and promises to make you healthier and feel better by balancing your body chemistry.

What does ‘Tosi’ mean?

Tosi is Finnish for ‘true.’ We started with the truth and went from there.

How do you pronounce ‘Tosi’?

Tosi... tosie

Why was Tosi created?

To help people.  We all believe that we definitely need to take supplements. There are thousands of different supplements in the marketplace today. Tosi was created to simplify and take the guesswork and mystery out of a simple combination of supplements and the result of the Tosi products is improved health and proper weight management.

How was Tosi created?

Tosi was created by examining extensive research and health-related claims to develop the simplest to use, affordable and most effective base of health products.

Who created Tosi?

Tosi was created by a group of practicing physicians, research gurus and wellness fanatics, who are all trying to dramatically improve health.

What makes Tosi better?

Tosi is unlike any other wellness program in that we provide the 5 most essential core products that everyone needs to optimize their personal health.  The key to Tosi's success is that every product contains digestive enzymes that allow our bodies to properly absorb and utilize the food we eat.

Why only 5 products?

These 5 Tosi products are the core, foundational products needed for improved or optimal health.

Can these 5 products really make a difference?

These 5 products will dramatically benefit each and every person that uses them. We have Olympic athletes and great grandmothers benefitting from these 5 products.

Can I just use one of the products and still be successful?

Yes, but these 5 products in conjunction cover the need for optimized health.

I need to lose 100 pounds. How can Tosi help me?

Tosi will help you by balancing your body chemistry and weight loss will be a by-product of that. We have helped many people, with and without exercise to lose well over 100 lbs.

I need to gain muscle mass. How can Tosi help me?

Tosi will, on a daily basis, help build muscle by providing a complete amino acid profile that is essential for building substantial muscle mass.

I’m a mom on the go. How can Tosi help me?

Tosi is very simple to use and it will help you and your children by saving time.

I have tried everything. Will this really work for me?

There has never been an approach to health like Tosi. Tosi will help you.

Can I still eat burgers and pizza on the Tosi program?

You can eat anything you want. The Tosi products are the foundation or cornerstone for nutritional health. You can fill in the blanks with whatever foods you wish to eat. Obviously, the cleaner you eat, the leaner you will become.

What about cravings?

Your body does not crave calories or food. Your body craves nutrients. Tosi provides nutrients in a way that dramatically reduces cravings and hunger pang issues. Once your body gets the nutrients that it needs, the cravings generally subside.

Do I have to eat frozen TV dinners?

No, eat what you want in between the Tosi meals and snacks but again, the cleaner the foods you eat, the leaner you will become.

What is the science behind Tosi?

The science is a result of hundreds of medical studies that were successful and even many studies that were not successful and many physicians that have the ability to read between the lines.

What doctors formulated this program?

Many hundreds of doctors and experts have helped to make Tosi what it is today. As our own findings create better results, we will continue to develop and fine tune the Tosi program to be even more effective.

Do I need to sign up my friends?

No, but your friends will certainly benefit from using the Tosi products and appreciate you for sharing with them your results.

How does exercise fit into this?

Exercise will complement any nutritional program, but most experts agree, that 70% of wellness and weight loss results come from the nutrition portion of the equation.

What is the science behind Tosi

The science is derived from extensive research into historical medical studies that may or may not have been successful. The physicians who have worked to perfect Tosi learned to “read between the lines” and dive deeper into the perfect recipe for optimized health.

Is it expensive?

A full product order for a month costs about $200, but you must consider that this provides two meals and one snack, almost every single day. There is a huge portion that is taken away from your monthly food budget, not to mention the craving reductions…

Are the products FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve supplements that are out on the market. Tosi’s products however, are classified as FDA compliant. All of Tosi’s products are approved under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).