The Three Virtual Workouts We Are Sweating to This Holiday Season

2020 has thrown some curveballs, including having to find new ways to exercise at home! While we definitely miss a good gym session, these three at-home/virtual workouts have kept our fitness goals on track!

@rachaelsgoodeats IG Live Sweat Sessions

Prepare to feel the BURN. We all love Rachael for her insanely delicious recipes (hello, clean-ingredient TWIX BARS), but since COVID hit and gyms closed their doors, she has invited her followers into her daily workouts in the form of IG Live sweat sessions. We love that she does the workout with you, so you’re basically getting a virtual workout buddy. Her movements get our heart rates up and our sweat dripping. Her classes are perfect for someone who may not have access to a full garage of gym equipment. She once used jugs of water for her weighted movements...BRILLIANT.


The darling of 2020 workouts. Peloton was popular pre-COVID, but nobody realized just how much owning one would come in handy once gyms closed down. We love that you get to sweat alongside thousands of other riders, and there is a class tailored to every fitness level. Whether you want to ride to country music or Top 40 hits, the Peloton is the self-care splurge to keep your sweat sessions on point. Our co-founder, Chels loves to take Cody Rigsby’s classes, “He’s the closest thing to being at a party during the pandemic.” Best description ever; sign us up!

AllTrails Hike, Bike & Run App

If you’re outdoorsy, this app is for you. We LOVE to hike, but sometimes we could use a little push out of our usual route. AllTrails is the ultimate resource for finding the perfect adventure. The app offers more than 100,000 hiking, mountain biking, and trail-running map and includes reviews and photos from users who have actually experienced them. We love that you can search with filters to find the best dog, kid, or wheelchair friendly adventure. Plus, we could all use a little more nature in 2020.

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