All things MEAL PREP: Q+A with our co-founder, Chelsea

If there is one hack to making our busy schedules easier it is MEAL PREP. Here at Tosi, we are big fans of our weekly Sunday meal prep. From on-the-go breakfasts to 10-minute dinners, we asked our co-founder, Chelsea, to share her go-to meal prep tips and recipes that help her save time and keep her clean eating on point! 


Chels, we know you’re insanely busy running Tosi with your mom Stef! How do you make time to eat breakfast in the morning when you have early calls or meetings? 


For breakfast, I am all about convenience without sacrificing quality! I typically make a batch of chia pudding for the week and I will have a bowl with SuperBites in the morning! I also have been incorporating some coconut yogurts which have become a new fav of mine. My go-to lately has been Chobani’s vanilla coconut milk yogurt and Cashew Coconut SuperBites. It’s SO easy, super portable and keeps me full. I’ve been drinking more cold brew, because CAFFEINE (shoutout to my cold brew maker that has been in use every day this summer). My weekend breakfasts are a little fancier, mostly because I’m not running out the door. I also love to make smoothies with coconut milk, Tosi greens powder, protein and some frozen fruit, usually a banana and a handful of strawberries. 


Amazing! What about lunch? It’s a meal so many people skip or skimp on because they are busy. How do you make sure you get a decent meal in the middle of a busy workday?

For summer lunches, I love big salads! I like to prep everything at the beginning of the week: dice all of my vegetables, make a jar of salad dressing, and portion out my proteins.  For work, I’ll take all of my pre-prepped ingredients and put my salad the night before. I love a good spinach base with bell peppers, apples, heirloom tomatoes, kalamata olives, chicken and sunflower seeds. It’s light but filling enough to keep me going. I also like that it’s easy to switch up ingredients. One of my FAVORITE salad hacks is using SuperBites as croutons. It adds a little crunch and a little sweetness. It’s seriously delicious.


Love that SuperBites Crouton Hack. What about dinner? If you get home at 7 PM, how do you avoid the temptation of just grabbing take-out?


For dinner, it’s all about making sure your fridge is stocked so you have options! One of my go-to recipes is to make mahi mahi in my beloved air fryer (get one if you don’t have one!) and I pair it with an easy arugula salad with pecans, goat cheese, and dried apricots. My favorite Turkish restaurant in the area makes a similar salad - it’s my absolute fav! If I don’t make a salad, I usually stick with a veggie like broccoli - it’s full of protein and fiber and is one of my favorite super veggies! I also love to include my sweet nephews when I'm making dinner, it's a family affair over here - haha!




Talk to us about dessert. What’s your favorite thing to indulge in right now?


I have been loving a little scoop of mango sorbet sprinkled with maldon sea salt. I dream about this some nights! So refreshing. Sometimes I get crazy and add some crushed SuperBites on top. SuperBites make *everything* better.


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