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Forbes: A Family Snack Business Built On Healthy Goals, Work And A Dash Of Serendipity


Chelsea Hults’ childhood food allergies provided her mom, Stefanie, with an education in healthful food and clean eating that ultimately led to the business the mother-and-daughter team run today.

Tosi, which means “true” in Finnish, began in 2012 as a clean-food-supplement business focused on gut health and weight management. The nut-based snacks dubbed “SuperBites” were launched as a little sideline. But as they sometimes do in startups, the sideline quickly became the star.

The plant-based snack bars are low in sugar and made with almonds, cashews and other nuts, chia and flax seeds, for a mix of fiber and healthy fats, the partners say. They’re vegan, gluten-free, certified organic and free of artificial additives.

“We wanted a snack that you could taste the ingredients in, that was really important to us. These had a great mouthfeel and the benefits of really great nutrients.”

“Our first year in SuperBites were about 98% of our sales,” Stefanie says. “We were like ‘Wow, we seem to be in the snack industry.”

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