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Introducing SUPERPOPS

Nut Free. 8G Protein Per Serving.
4 Delicious Flavors

The anytime, anywhere, clean & simple snack bar

Meal Size

Satisfy your hunger with the only bar scored into 5 bite-size pieces for perfectly portioned snacking!

Snack Size

Fuel your everyday moments with a clean, nutrient-dense satisfying snack that actually tastes good!

"SuperBites were my go-to snack for my cross country trip! They're perfect and so delicious"

- Allison C.

"Great Snack!
Great Flavor!
And they fit my macros!!"

- Alexa V.

"I love how convenient and portable SuperBites are. I can eat one on my bike rides and feel satisfied and energized"

- Paul R.

"SuperBites are great for a quick breakfast and in between Zoom calls"

- Lis D.

"I love SuperBites!" They don't melt so they are the perfect snack to take camping"

- Trevor T.

"These are perfect for the hiking trail"

- Kevin W.


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